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A position round in Bowling helps give an opportunity for lower placed teams to catch up to higher placed teams.

As an example with a league that gives 4 points a week:

1st place - 48 points

2nd place - 47 points

3rd place - 46 points

4th place - 45 points.

Potentially, if 1st place won 1 point out of 3 during position round, it would allow 2nd place to take over 1st. If 3rd place won all 4 from the 4th place team, they could also overtake the first place team and be 2nd after position round.

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A position round in bowling is a week or session bowled where the 1st place team opposes the 2nd place team, 3rd place vs 4th place, etc. Normally a position round is placed at the end of each quarter or half.

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yes of course any position in any sport is important otherwise it wouldn't be the sport that it is.

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The position round in a bowling tournament or league occurs when the currently ranked #1 bowler (or team) bowls against the #2 bowler (or team), #3 bowls #4, #5 bowls #6, and so on.

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Q: Where do the bowling team stand for in rounders?
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How to Win a Game of Rounders Winning a game of Rounders means your team has scored the most points at the end of a predetermined number of innings (usually two). Note: Rounders game rules would award the victory to the team with the most Rounders (whole points) if the game ends in a tie.

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