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Golf courses of today's time for the most part no longer offer caddies. Caddies have been replaced by powered golf carts, yardage books, better equipment and highly trained golf teaching professionals. Some caddies have even been replaced by animals: http:/ During some special events, some courses will offer a caddie service as a special fund raising type of event. These are a few web sites that advertise special caddie services but you may want to check their references with your local golf course professional: http:/ http:/ Note: I owned a golf course until July 2009 and I would not allow outside caddie services on the property. I only had a few people ask for a caddie in 14 years and our local cart boys/girls were more then willing to provide the service. Most of the kids were students trying to pay for college and caddied for tips.

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The number of golf courses that offer caddies in the United States are too numerous to mention. Generally, this type of service will be found at private clubs and prestigious public clubs.

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Q: Where are golf courses that have caddies in America?
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