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Miniature Golf Courses of America was created in 1998.

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Q: When was Miniature Golf Courses of America created?
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How long is a miniature golf course?

Miniature golf courses can be anywhere from 50 to 100 yards long.

How many golf courses in north America?

There are 11000 golf courses in North America.

What county has the most golf courses?

America has the most golf courses! by far

Are Miniature Golf Courses suitable for 12 year olds?

Miniature golf is only partially similar to real golf. It will help him with putting but not driving. It's a good place to start.

Is it okay to bring a toddler to a miniature golf course?

It certainly is okay to bring a toddler to a miniature golf course. However, keep a close eye on him so he does not go onto others courses. In fact, you can teach him the aspects of miniature golf.

Do miniature golf courses have golf carts?

No. Mini golf courses do not have golf carts because they are small enough to walk around at. Also, all you are carrying is a putter so there is no need for a cart to carry all your clubs!

How can one locate a local miniature golf course?

Check out the website Yelp. Locate your city and browse for miniature golf courses. You should be able to find some in your town and you can read reviews.

Where can I find miniature golf course in Tinley Park, IL?

Minature Golf Courses in Tinley Park, Illinois can be found be going to the website for the Tinley Park Chamber of Commerce. This will usually direct you to the best mini golf courses.

When was Golf Academy of America created?

Golf Academy of America was created in 1974.

How short do you have to be to play miniature golf?

Anybody of any height may play miniature golf.

When was Golf Course Superintendents Association of America created?

Golf Course Superintendents Association of America was created in 1926.

What has the author George Peper written?

George Peper has written: 'Golf courses of the PGA tour' -- subject(s): Golf courses, Professional Golfers' Association of America 'Seven League Boots' 'Golfwatching' -- subject(s): Tournaments, Golf 'Story Of Golf' 'Grand slam golf' -- subject(s): Guidebooks, Golf courses, Statistics, Golf, Tournaments

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