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Q: When were track spikes invented?
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What surfaces are good for running on with spikes?

There is different types of surfaces for different spikes: track for track spikes cross country for cross country spikes

Will cheap running spikes appropriate for the track?

No they are not available. I would suggest buying a pair of cheap track spikes. A good place to buy track spikes is You might even be able to find a coupon.

Where can I find a good pair of Nike track spikes online?

Nike track spikes are available at many locations online. A few of the available websites that carry Nike track spikes are, and

What are facts about track?

When you run track a pair of spikes have to be worn.

Where can you buy track protectors for spikes?

Yes, Cleatskins makes Trackskins to protect track spikes.

Can you wear baseball cleats when running track?

Yes, you will need different track shoes and cleats/spikes for different events. The number of spikes, the pattern of spikes and the length of the spikes differs for sprinters, long distance runners and jumpers. If spikes are not used for running the shoes are still different. And throwing shoes do not have spikes and have a smooth sole.

What do Spikes do to make you run faster?

it helps you very well because when you are running you are tyring to stay ahead of everybody so you will win so while you run the spikes grab more ground as you run so you can keep a good pace. Also when the track is wet you can't holly run on the track because the ground is to slippery so the track spikes will help you through wet weather.

Can track shoes double as street shoes?

it depends on the shoe...track spikes cannot.

Are all track spikes removable - Is it bad to take them off your shoe and then run with them?

Track spikes do not have a lot of support for your feet. Some have better support than others. For example, sprinter spikes do not have a heel or an arch. Distance spikes have some cushion for the heel. Overall, it is bad to run in spikes but you can still do it. Some work better than others though. It would be a better idea to run in distance spikes than sprinter spikes.

Are all track spikes removable Is it bad to take them off your shoe and then run with them?

Spikes should be removeable because they wear out pretty easily. If your spikes don't come out there is something wrong with your shoe. It is only bad to run with your spikes still on when you're not running on track or grass. NEVER run with spikes on concrete or anything else!!! It is not bad to run around with no spikes on your shoes, I do it all the time :)

Do they make plugs for track shoes where the spikes go in?

yes, they do.

Who are richard b spikes parents?

It is unknown who Richard Spikes parents are. He was the person who invented car washes.