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Minimum 3 months. Preferably 6 months. Ask your pediatrician for their advice. Basically, there is no standard on this. Before 3 months: In general it appears that most infants are too fragile and their spine is not yet developed enough to get bumped around before they are 3 months old. (However, given the amount they get bumped around from being in a car seat in the back of a vehicle, this is debatable. It may be that no amount of bumping around is good for babies up to 3 months, so it is best to curtail it to only what is absolutely necessary = in a vehicle with shock absorbers). 3 months to 6 months: This depends on your comfort level and your pediatrician's advice. Your comfort level should depend on:

a. Your assessment of your baby's hardiness & readiness

b. The kind of running you do (fast, slow, pavement, gravel, rough terrain or smooth)

c. The kind of stroller you get (shocks or not, air filled tires or not, big wheels or not etc.)

If your kid is hardy, thriving, gaining well and you run steady & slow on smooth pavements and are getting a stroller with large, air filled tyres, there should be a high comfort level.

On the other hand if you have a small baby or a preemie whose bones are still catching up, and if you run hard & fast on rough terrain or gravel, and you are planning to use a teeny wheeled jogger (like the Zoomer)... that's not very advisable. 6 months onwards: Same principles as between 3 months & 6 months, moderated with common sense for your child being larger & sturdier still.

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Q: When can an infant go in a jogging stroller?
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