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Q: When 78 players entered a single elimination tennis tournament How many matches were played to determine the overall champ?
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How often are WWE Elimination Chamber matches held?

Since their inception in 2002 there have been sixteen of these WWE Elimination Chamber matches which are professional based wrestling elimination matches comprising of six wrestlers.

If a soccer loses in the 2nd round in the world cup soccer do they get eliminated?

After all of the group stage matches have been played, the top two teams with the most points from each group advance to the knock out stage of the tournament. The two bottom teams from each group are eliminated from the tournament. The rest of the tournament is a single elimination knock out tournament where the last standing team is awarded the world cup.

Why was Wes Ulm in the 1998 Tournament of Champions when he did not win five games?

If it is true it is because the show chose to include him. Maybe it was because he was in 5 games and a 4 time champion and they needed one more person for the tournament. Just like they chose to allow Ken Jennings only play the Final games of the Ultimate Tournament of Champions and not have to compete in the elimination matches.

Who played the least number of matches in the 2007 tournament?


At the first meeting of the tennis Club the 7 members decided to have a tournament in which every player will play a match against every other player .How many matches will there be in the tournament?

21 matches

In a tennis tournament each athlete plays one match against each of the other athletes There are 12 athletes scheduled to play in the tournament How many matches will be played?

i think it is 132 matches but im not sure.

How many games will take place during the tournament in 2010?

64 matches.

How many tennis matches are to be arranged to conduct a tournament with 213 players?


Formula of single round robin?

In a single round robin tournament, each player/team competes against every other player/team one time. The formula to determine the total number of matches in a single round robin tournament is n(n-1)/2, where n is the number of players/teams participating in the tournament.

How many times has Triple H won an elimination chamber?

triple h has been in 4 elimination chamber matches and has won 2 of them, Shawn michaels has won 4 of them...

78 players entered a single elimination tennis tournament- how many matches were played to determine the overall champion?

Well here's what I got: 64 divided by 2= 32*6 matches for a games= 192 matches...... that's if the players play 6 matches for one whole game.... and how many times can they play and lose 'till they get out completely??? If it's different then I would need more information to answer this question

How many elimanation chambers in wwe were there?

If you mean how many elimination chamber matches have there been,then there have been 11.