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After all of the group stage matches have been played, the top two teams with the most points from each group advance to the knock out stage of the tournament. The two bottom teams from each group are eliminated from the tournament. The rest of the tournament is a single elimination knock out tournament where the last standing team is awarded the world cup.

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Q: If a soccer loses in the 2nd round in the world cup soccer do they get eliminated?
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Who eliminated the US men's soccer team from the 2010 world cup?

C Davies

What place did england come in the world cup 2010?

They were eliminated in the Round of 16.

Does soccer people travel round the world?


Was Honduras eliminated from the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

Yes. Honduras was eliminated from the tournament after the Group Stage and did not advance to the Round of 16.

Where did Brazil finish in the 1966 World Cup?

Brazil were eliminated in the 1st round in 1966 world cup.

Where did France finish in the World Cup 2010?

France was eliminated in the first round of the 2010 world cup.

What place did Brazil finish in the 1966 world cup?

Brazil were eliminated in the 1st round.

How good are the italian's at soccer?

The Italians are one of the best soccer teams. They have won 4 FIFA World Cups, but have been eliminated in the 2010 WC

What happens if a soccer team loses in the world-cup?

When they loose, a team at the World Cup is out of the tournament. It is a single-elimination tournament. The only exception is in the semi-final round where the loosing teams play each other for third place.

What is knockout round of soccer World Cup?

The knockout round of the World Cup is a single elimination 16 team final of the World Cup.

Honduras's best result in soccer world cup?

Round 1 in 1982 FIFA World Cup.

How many soccer players are there in the world?

Few days ago, i am analytical soccer world round 92% people love soccer, end 80% playing a soccer game i am also playing I bought soccer jersey, soccer Sock, etc one shop

When is the US playing in the world cup?

check a schedule The United States were eliminated by Ghana in the round of 16. They will not be playing again.

How many world cups has the women's Mexican soccer team competed in?

Two: 1999 and 2011 (both times eliminated in the group stage).

Who is the only host country that did not qualify for the second round of the world cup soccer tournament?

South Africa

Did South Africa win the soccer World Cup in 2010?

No they did not win it, they were knocked out in the first round with France.

What is the popularity of soccer compared to other sports worldwide?

More people play and follow football (soccer) round the world than any other sport.

Who Eliminated Pakistan from 2007 World Cup?

Ireland eliminated Pakistan from 2007 world cup .

In the animal kingdom which species is greatest in number?

The round worms. Ashalmenthies. It has been said it everything in the world was eliminated except the round worms - the ghost of everything would be visible by the outline of roundworms.

How do you do an around the world soccer trick?

how to do around the world soccer trick you first control the ball on your foot then you kick the ball in the air quite low so you can get your foot round the ball. that should do the trick

Which is the only host country that did not qualify for the second round of the world cup soccer tournament?

It was South Africa in 2010.

Has Mexico ever made it to semi-finals in soccer world cup?

Mexico has never made it pass round of 16.

How many rounds in the world cup soccer?

Group Stage Round of 16 Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final

Which is the only host country that Didi not qualify for the second round of the world cup soccer tournament?

It is South Africa in 2010.

Which Group was the United States assigned in the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

The United States was placed in Group C with England, Slovenia, and Algeria. England and the United States advanced to the Round of 16, both with 5 points, while Slovenia and Algeria were eliminated from the competition. The United States was ultimately eliminated in the Round of 16 after losing to Ghana 1-2 (a.e.t.). England was eliminated, also, in the Round of 16 after losing to Germany 4-1, marking the worst defeat England ever suffered in a FIFA World Cup Match.