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In 2009 it was $1,350,000 for first place.

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Q: What was The Masters prize money?
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What was prize money for first masters?


How is the masters prize money split if there is a tie for third place?

The Masters prize money is split according to a designated formula. In case of a tie for third place, the money prize for third and fourth place are averaged and awarded to the two players.

Winner of 2010 masters prize money?

In 2010, the winner of the Masters tournament won a prize money of $1.35 million. Phil Mickelson emerged as the champion that year, claiming both the coveted green jacket and the substantial cash prize.

What is the prize money breakdown for 2012 Masters golf?

Same as 2011

Where can I find a breakdown of the prize money for the 2008 Masters?

Prize money list can be found at:

What is the prize money for top twenty masters 2008?

Prize money list can be found at:

Why is the prize money never announced at the Masters?

Because the organizers think it's gauche to talk about money in public.

What is the prize money for every player making the cut in the 2008 masters golf tournament?

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How much prize money will the losers of the 2009 Masters receive?

The 46 players who missed the cut after round 2 received no prize money. But the lowest prize among the 50 who played all 4 rounds was $19,200.

How much Money will the 2010 Master winner get?

$ 1,350,000 was the announced prize money for first place in the 2010 Masters Golf Tournament.

What is the break down of the purse for the 2008 masters?

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What is the top prize of the masters golf?