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1/8. Get one off of Danscomp for style and quality. Or you can get a cheap one at a bike shop nearby or something

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Q: What size chain does the hyper bike co spinner pro model use?
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What is the sprocket size to the hyper mike spinner pro model bike?

25/9 gear ratio

What bike is better hyper spinner or Tony Hawk?

tony hawk

Are hyper bike co bikes any good?

there are the real hyper bikes which are great and there are also walmart ones that are crap so yeah

Is the mike spinner replica hyper bike a good bike?

i think so yes i have one i rode it very hard and it didnt even mess up once until a freind dicided to take the wheels off then the pawls fell out

What type of product is a Spinner NXT?

A Spinner NXT is a type of stationary bike. One can find or purchase a Spinner NXT stationary bike online at websites such as Amazon, Spinning, and Overstock.

Is a sapient bmx bike better than a hyper bmx bike?

A hyper is better

When did Top Gear Hyper Bike happen?

Top Gear Hyper Bike happened in 2000.

When was Top Gear Hyper Bike created?

Top Gear Hyper Bike was created on 2000-03-07.

Where is it possible to buy a Spinner bike?

One can purchase a Spinner bike from many retailers. They can be purchased from the official Spinning website and also from Amazon or Dick's Sporting Goods.

Where can one visit to fix a broken bike chain?

One can go to a near bike repair shop or a bike selling shop to fix a broken bike chain. In addition, one's peers might know how to fix a broken bike chain.

What is a Yamaha mama?

A hot (attractive) female on a hyper sport bike. See Wikipedia for more information on hyper-sport bikes.

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Well, if you get anything stolen from you, contact the police. If it is just a bike chain, I think you can just buy another one, unless it was a very valued bike chain.