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you wear a leotard and spandex & a water bottle. and when your very advanced you bring grips. also if you have an injury you wear your braces or casts.

and i should no because i have been doing gymnastics for 8 years. and i have competed and i compete internationally now.

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If you are a girl you can either take a leotard or something like shorts or pants with a shirt. Usually, when you get to level 5 you will need a leotard or a leotard with black spandex shorts for practice. Make sure your hair is tied back into a ponytail or something to get it out of your face. For boys, they need a T shirt with sweatpants or shorts. When boys get into higher levels they may need to where a specific type of dressing.

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Gym shorts, towel, and proper shoes if required. Also bring a change of clothes to put on after the matches.

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Q: What should you take to gymnastics?
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