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Q: What shoes should I get for pole vaulting that can be used for other events?
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What shoes should you wear?

You should wear shoes that other people wear if you want to have style. If you want comfortable shoes, you should wear slippers, or sneaker's. Sometimes I wear boots that are soft inside.

Where is the proper place to wear white shoes?

Usually, white shoes are connected to summer. An old rule that says you can't wear white after Labor's Day no longer applies today. You should never wear white at a wedding, unless you are the bride yourself. It is also not appropriate to wear white shoes at a funeral and other somber events.

Where can one purchase cheer shoes?

If a cheerleader is looking to buy cheer shoes , they should talk to their sponsor about the best place to buy their shoes along with the other cheerleader's shoes.

Where should I shop for Nike Air Pegasus 27 trail shoes?

You should start your search with Nike. From there, you will find links to other pages, or even other stores, where you are going to be able to find the shoes you want.

Should I start off with Sketchers as running shoes?

you should start off with sketchers as running shoes. they do have comfortable running shoes and a wide variety of other sneakers as well. At you'll find user reviews on what people think about running in sketcher shoes.

How much are blazers shoes?

It should be about $60.00 I got some the other day

What determines which goods a country should produce or export?

1.historical links / relations with acertain target countries

What stores stock good hard wearing shoes for women?

MBT sells some hardwearing shoes like the purple kaya casul shoes that should feel comfortable and last you well. They also do a selection of other shoes.

What shoes should a man get married in?

He should Maire his shoes instead

Are ipath good skate shoes?

Well Ipath are actually not good shoes, if youre looking skateboarding shoes dont get ipath they are bad you should get some lakai, circa, eS, vans, emerica, and DC. or other skateboarding shoes.

If you don't own volleyball shoes what shoes should you wear?

Regular athletic shoes, like running shoes. I've worn converse but if you're trying out you really should have volleyball shoes to show that you know the sport.... Athletic shoes should be fine

Should you wear sandals or shoes to an 4 hour trip?

you should were shoes