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Q: What section of the rules of golf book is pace of play mentioned?
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What are the names of the three sections of the rules of golf book?

Etiquette Definitions The Rules of Play

What has the author Francis Ouimet written?

Francis Ouimet has written: 'The rules of golf' -- subject(s): Golf 'Golf facts for young people' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Golf

In golf competition do you have to carry a copy of the rules?

No, you do not have to carry a copy of the rules when you are playing golf. Generally golfers have a fair understanding of the rules and only on a rare occasion need to refer to the rule book. If you have a copy of the rules and carry it round with you it is very handy.

How many rules were there in the original rules of golf?

13 rules of golf. Please see related link.

What are the rules for golf?

In the USA contact the US Golf Association in New Jersey for a rule Book or go online. In the United Kingdom contact the Royal & Ancient (R&A) or go online.

What are the Rules facilities and equipments used in the game of golf?

The rules of golf including rules on equipment as well as Amateur status are run and maintained by The R&A and USGA.

Who were the rules of golf created by?

Royal & Ancient Golf Ass'n., U.K.

What has the author Mark Russell written?

Mark Russell has written: 'Golf rules plain & simple' -- subject(s): Rules, Golf

How many golf rules are there?

there are 12 rules in table tennis

What are the rules of the card game Golf?

I have a copy of the rules and a mint edition of the game

Where are the etiquette and rules of golf located?


Does Alice Cooper have a book?

yes, Alice has a book called Golf Monster. It is half about golf and half about his career in rock and roll. It is a great book if you are into Alice Cooper. I am into his music and I love golf, but you do not need to enjoy golf to read this book.