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The rules of Golf including rules on equipment as well as Amateur status are run and maintained by The R&A and USGA.

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Q: What are the Rules facilities and equipments used in the game of golf?
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What are the rules of the card game Golf?

I have a copy of the rules and a mint edition of the game

What are the rules of the golf card game Kargo?

I have a copy of the rules and a mint edition of the game

What are examples of individual sports and the equipments?


What is golf buggy used for?

Golf buggy is a vehicle which is used to transport golf players and their equipments across the golf terrain.

What is footgolf?

Soccer balls are used instead of golf balls in the sport FootGolf. The cups are made bigger for the soccer ball and the rules of the game follow the rules of golf.

What did Romans call golf?

Nothing. The game of golf was not played in Roman times although they had a game called "paganica" in which a ball was hit with a bent stick. The rules and objectives of this game are unclear. The modern game of golf was not invented util the 15th century.

How many rules are there to the game golf?

Basically there are 34 rules of Golf. However, there are aprox more than 100 sections and subsections. Moreover there are over 2000 explanatory decisions, probably giving golf the most complicated rules of any sport. Dr. Ali Haider (Pakistan)

Who can tell some about golf equipments for wholesale?

i think golf equipments like irons and drivers or some fairway woods are popular for golf.Just like Callway x-24 irons is the most famous at 2010.

Rules to golf?

Golf is a game of many rules, the main one of which is that the goal is to reach the final hole with as few swings as possible. This is why the phrase "A hole in one" is so popular, it refers to making it to the hole in just one swing of the golf club.

How many rules were there in the original rules of golf?

13 rules of golf. Please see related link.

What is an old Scottish game still played todayWith rules Gentlemen only Ladies forbidden?


What resorts offer golf facilities in Spain?

There are many resorts in Spain that offer good golf facilities. The most popular resort in Spain with a golf course is the La Cala Resort. This golf course is one of the best in Spain.