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If you call a local Golf course that has a caddy program, they will sign you up for three to four days of caddy lessons where you will be taught how to caddy by the caddy master, or assistant golf pro. Then you'll take a test and depending on your score youll become an offical caddy.

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Absolutely none at all. A lot of the caddies on the professional golf tours are either very low amateurs or professional golfers themselves. What you will need however, is a very good knowledge of the rules, be able to line your player up on shots, be able to read greens well, have good ettiquette. You will also need the stamina to carry a golf bag for about 6 rounds a week, and stand for hours on end watching your player hit balls on the practice range.

You would also need to be able to calculare yardages and map out each golf course that your player will be playing, so you can help him navigate it successfully.

There is no formal education offered for caddying, it is simply pure experience.

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How far his player hits every club, how to read greens, a fair knowledge of the rules, how to calculate distances, how to line his player up, how to calculate yardages in the wind and a good bit of course knowledge.

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Q: What schooling is needed to become a caddie?
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