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Q: What nationality is tennis star pat rafter?
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What sport was pat rafter a champion in?

Patrick Michael "Pat" Rafter was a former Australian Tennis player.

What sport did pat rafter excel?


In which sport was Pat Rafter a champion?

tennis ya daft munkeys

Two players have won the chennai open ATP tennis tournament twice one is carlos moyawho is the other?

Pat Rafter

What is Pat Rafter famously known for?

Patrick Rafter, who was born on 28 December, 1972, is a famous former tennis player. The Australian has won 11 singles and 10 doubles career titles and retired in 2002.

Did pat rafter ever win a wimbeleton?


When did Pat Hughes - tennis - die?

Pat Hughes - tennis - died in 1997.

When was Pat Hughes - tennis - born?

Pat Hughes - tennis - was born in 1902.

Do any famous people live in noosa?

Pat rafter, mark webber

Who was the Australian who won two consecutive US opens in the 1990s?

Pat Rafter

What is the Nationality of Man United Pat Crerand?

The Nationality of Man United's Pat Crerand is Scotland.

In which sport was Pat Cash a Champion?

Pat Cash was a champion in the sport tennis