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Pat Cash was a champion in the sport tennis

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Q: In which sport was Pat Cash a Champion?
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What sport was Pat Cash a champion in?

Patrick Hart "Pat" Cash is a retired Australian professional right-handed tennis player who won the men's singles title at Wimbledon in 1987. He currently resides in London, England.

Which sport did Pat Cash play?

Pat Cash is a retired professional tennisplayer.

In which sport was Pat Rafter a champion?

tennis ya daft munkeys

What sport was pat rafter a champion in?

Patrick Michael "Pat" Rafter was a former Australian Tennis player.

What is Pat Cash's birthday?

Pat Cash was born on May 27, 1965.

When was Pat Cash born?

Pat Cash was born on May 27, 1965.

Who was the first intercontintal champion?

Pat Patterson was the first Intercontinal Champion

Who was the Wimbledon mens singles champion in 1987?

Pat Cash, beating Ivan Lendl 7-6(5) 6-2 7-5

How old is Pat Cash?

Pat Cash is 46 years old (birthdate: May 27, 1965).

What sport was Andrew Johns champion?

Andrew Johns was a champion in Rugby.

Is champion sportswear sold at Sport Check?

According to a search of their website Champion is indeed sold at Sport Check.

Hayley Lewis is a champion in which sport?

Her sport is swimming.

Who was the first Intercontinental Champion?

Pat Patterson

Bernard Hinault is a champion of what sport?

he was the champion of bicycling!

Who was the first intercontinental champion in WWE?

Pat Patterson

Hayley Lewis was a champion in which sport?

Hailey Lewis is a world champion at swimming.

Is pat cash gay?

yes tennis player pat cash is gay and was hit on by Justin gimbelstob, tried to force him to come out public on air.

What sport was Mark Richards a four time world champion?

Mark Richards is a four-time world champion in the sport of surfing.

Who is the national champion of Malta?

What sport

Who is the world record champion in sport stacking in USA?

In 2009 The Champion was Steven Purugganan

Is hiphop a sport?

you divvy pat

What is cash accrual?

Cash accrual as calculated in most of the banks in India is PAT+ Depreciation

Which sport was Fred Perry world champion in 1929?

Fred perry was a tennis champion from the u.k.

In which sport was wally lewis a champion?


Tiger Woods is a champion of which sport?