What makes golf balls bounce?

Updated: 12/9/2022
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Because when it hits the ground its momentum makes it continue to fall for a fraction of a second causing the part touching the ground to collapse slightly (depending on how hard the ball is). The collapsed part then straightens itself out again rapidly, flicking the ball up as a bounce.

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Q: What makes golf balls bounce?
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What materials in a golf ball causes it to bounce higher?

They put magicdust into the golf balls so that they bounce really high.

What makes a golf ball bounce better than other balls?

Well a golf ball won't bounce better than other golf balls it matter what is inside it. Like the proV1 has a very hard core and the NXT tour is very light in the inside and will probably bounce better if you swing fast I would recommend the proV1 but if not Get the nxt tour happy to help

What would be a good conclution for a project what ball will bounce higher?

i learned that golf balls have a little bit of weight, less than a bouncy ball witch makes them bounce higher.

What makes a golf ball bounce?

AnswerIt has to do with the material a golf ball is made out of. It is a extremely strong material. A golf ball needs to bounce high to be able to get hit by a golf club and fly through the air and hit the ground and bounce. Due to that information a golf ball will bounce highest compared to almost ANY other balls. A golf ball is the winner of bouncing the highest.

What makes a golf ball bounce high?

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Who makes Kirkland golf balls?


Who makes noddle golf balls?


Why do golf balls bounce well on cement?

Since golf balls and cement are both very dense, it is harder for the ball to lose it's energy after bouncing since there is nothing to absorb the energy.

Why does golf balls bounce?

The inside of the ball will stretch and it will make the ball go in the direction that it is streched the most

What makes a golf ball bounce of a putter?

its all inside the ball

Which would bounce higher a golf ball a rubber ball or ping pong ball?

A rubber ball would generally bounce higher than a golf ball or a ping pong ball due to its elasticity and ability to store and release energy upon impact. Ping pong balls, being lightweight and hollow, can also bounce quite high but may not have the same level of bounce as a rubber ball. Golf balls are designed for low bounce as they are meant to stay on the ground when hit.

Who makes Nike golf balls?

The Nike Corporation.