What make of racket did Tim Henman use?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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Q: What make of racket did Tim Henman use?
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Who was the first tennis player to use the over arm serve?

Ellen Stawell Brown - Tim Henman's great grand mother

What make of racket and clothing does Lleyton Hewitt use?

Lleyton Hewitt uses the Yonex RDiS 100 racket, and Yonex is also his clothing sponsor.

What are the things you should do for the maintenance of your table tennis racket?

To protect your table tennis racket, make buy a good racket case (sometimes called a table tennis racket cover) to store it in. This will keep it safe from damage such as liquid spills, dirt and sunlight. A second method of caring for your racket is to use a sponge and plain water to keep your rubbers clean.

In which sports do player use a racket?

tennis and badminton

Is the inside of a tennis racket textile material?

yes there is use of textile material for the manufacturing of tennis racket. the wires inside the racket made of nylon,which is a textile material.

Which tennis racket does kei nishikori use?


What racket does mcenroe use now?


Can you use your hands in table tennis?

Yes you can, but only if its the hand which you hold the racket it in. Note that you can't drop your racket to hit the ball with your hand, your hand still must be touching the racket when you hit it.

What racket does robbin soderling use?

head Prestige Mp

How can you use infinitesmial in a sentence?

The baby caused an infinitesimal racket.

What do you use when you play badmintion?

A racket and a shuttle cock ('birdie').

What is racketeering?

on a business stand point , commiting crimes to make money . ( bribery , forgery , scandals , tax evasion )