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Ellen Stawell Brown - Tim Henman's great grand mother

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Q: Who was the first tennis player to use the over arm serve?
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What happens if a player breaks the other player's serve in tennis?

If a player breaks the other player's serve in tennis, then the receiving player gets the game point, and that player will have the advantage of getting a two game lead over the opponent if the player can hold his or her own serve.

What is a service fault in tennis?

a service fault in tennis is when you either when you serve and you don't get it over the first line OR you get it out

First tennis player to win over a 100 tournaments?

Margaret Court is the first female tennis player to win over 100 tournaments. The first male tennis player to win over 100 tournaments is Ilie Nastase.

Who was the first person to serve the ball over 100mph in tennis?


What do you call a do over serve in tennis?


What is a service in tennis?

In tennis, a service is when one opponent hits the tennis ball over the net into the opposite box. It's how tennis players start the point. If you miss the first serve, you get to serve again, but if you miss that, the point is over. Your opponent won that point. If the ball hits the net before bouncing over, it is called a let. Source: Many years of playing tennis.

How come sometimes the tennis player gets to serve three erroneous serves and not double faulted?

If the server serves the ball and hits the top of the net, but the ball bounces over into the serve box, that is called a let. If that was their first serve, then they still have two tries left.

Which side do you serve on in tennis?

In tennis, you don't serve on just one side. The first serve of each game will be from the deuce side (the right side if you are standing on the baseline) and the ball will be hit cross-court to the other player's deuce side. The next serve will be from the ad side (the left if you are standing on the baseline) and go cross-court to the other player's ad side. This alternation will continue until the game is finished and a new one starts or the match is over.

First player to serve over 1000 aces in a season?

ivo karlovic

What is a unreturnable serve in tennis?

a serve that you cant get back over the net e.g. its to powerful or you cant get to it in time

What is alet ball in tennis?

a let ball is when your ball hits the net and still goes over (like, hits the very tip) on a serve. That is a let. If it doesn't go over it's just considered out. You can reserve, and if it's your first serve, it's still your first serve. Same with second.

Can you step over the boundary line when you serve?

In tennis, it is a foul if you step over the line while serving.

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