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Levers are utilised within a shotputting environment to lessen the load of physically pushing the shot put to enable a person to throw it furhter. However it is essential these levers are at optimal angle otherwise it will result in poorer execution of movement

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the levers of shot put are like a penis long and bendy

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Q: What levers are used in shot put?
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What are levers used for?

levers are used to lift up objects

What special kit or equipment is used in shot put?

A cast iron shot put

How are levers used in pianos?

there are 3 levers i think...

What unit of measurement is used to measure a shot put?

The shot put is measured in meters or feet and inches. The distance the shot put is thrown is measured from the inside of the circle to the nearest mark left by the shot closest to the circle.

What Have two connected levers that can be used to what paper or cloth?

scissors have two connected levers that can be used to cut paper or cloth.

How are levers used?

Levers are useful because they transfer force over a distance. Levers are known for being simple machines and are easy to construct.

Facts about shot put?

A shot put is a heavy round ball (almost like a huge bullet) that is used in Track and Field. The athlete will take the shot put and throw it into the air. The person who throws it the farthest will get the most points and win.

Who invented the shot put?

the people in Scotland they used it to kill Romans

Why are levers useful in your home?

levers are used everywhere in the home it can balance things and you can hold some levers are boat pads bicycle brakes and seesaw plus an wheelbarrow

Shot put weight?

Shot put weights are 8, 12, and 16 lbs. The 8 lb shot is typically used by women and junior highers. The 12 lb shot is used by women who want to be challenged and high school men. Skilled high school men and college men use the 16 lb shot.

Is shot put expensive?

Put a shot in the put & mix it on ep!

What is the strangest lever you can think of?

Levers and Leverage can be used in a variety of forms to make life easier.Door Handles on a car are essentially levers connected to levers via various linkages.You will find several levers on a bicycle. Your cranks, shifters, and brakes are all levers. Derailleurs have a few levers in them, and perhaps the handlebars are a unique type of lever too.