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WOW there are so many! Since I have done gymnastics for 4 years I can give you quite a few, there are backward/forward walkovers, forward/backward roll, layout, flickflack, handspring, round-off, cartwheel, full-twist, dive-roll and lots and lots more.

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Q: What kind of tricks do you do in gymnastics?
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You can watch gymnastics videos or Youtube videos. However, be careful to have a spotter and mats.

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Rhythmic gymnastics is a type of gymnastics that consists only of floor and acrobatics with others. In floor routines you usually have a ball or some type of object you do tricks with. You have to have a lot of determination and flexibility to do this sport.

What makes you a beginner in a gymnastics floor routine?

What makes you a beginner is 1) You may not be as graceful 2) You cannot do delicate tricks or 3) You cannot do complex tricks

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Of course they do! I go to Auburn Gymnastics Camp every year and they have taught me more than I thought i could ever learn!

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