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There is the first cut, and then the rough. The first cut is longer than the fairway, but shorter than the rough.

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The rough

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Q: What kind of grass is on a fairway?
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What is the area called between the tee box and the green where the grass is mowed golf?


What is the meaning of a fairway in golf?

The fairway is the area up the centre of the hole which follows the line of the hole, it is closely mown.

What happens if you hit a golf ball off the fairway?

Hitting a golf ball off the fairway results in it coming to rest in a less than desirable place. It could end up in a sand trap, a creek, or in the rough which is the higher cut grass adjacent to the fairway.

What is a deep rough in golf?

There are several types of "cuts" in golf, referring to the length of grass. The fairway is the shortest grass (other than the green), which is followed by the "first cut" of rough, usually a boundary around the fairway. The second cut of rough is next, and typically refers to the "standard" rough. The "deep rough" can either mean a particularly long cut of "second cut" rough, or could mean thick, overgrown, un-mowed grass or weeds further from the fairway than the second cut. However, there is no "official" definition.

In golf what is an apron?

the apron is the area around the green, the grass in the apron is shorter than the fairway and longer than the green

Part of a golf course off the fairway?

It's called the "rough". The grass is usually much higher and thicker in these areas.

In golf what is divot mix?

Divot mix is a mixture of sand as grass seed which is placed in fairway and tee box divots, the grass seed therefore grows and replaces at lost ground. There is however a lot of criticism about divot mix being used in the fairway, because you do not get a good enough strike and cannnot control the ball as well as you can from grass, most players say just get people to go get their divots.

What does it mean to say that a ball ends up in the rough?

It just means they have hit the ball into the longer grass at either side of the fairway. Playing out of the rough is a lot harder than playing from the fairway as it is harder to get a good strike on the ball and you won't get as much spin. And you can also catch a flyer which is where the ball flies of the club face and goes a lot farther than expected.

What is a fairway gouge?

If you are talking about the chunk of Earth and grass that flies up when a golfer swings, then it's called a "divot".

What kind of disc if the fairway driver from the pabst blue ribbon disc golf set?


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