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535 pounds by ken patera

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Q: What is world record military press for a 85kg man?
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How many kg can a 17 year old bench press?

im 17 and i can do 70kg 6 times, if i wanted to do most weight only once i guess 80-85kg would be the answer

What is bigger 85 kilograms or 8 grams?

85kg is more because if you change 85kg to g it is 8500g. (85 x 1000) 1 kg=1000g

What is Rafael Nadal's weight?

He's 85kg (190 lbs).

What is 85 kilograms as pounds?

85kg = 187.4 (187.393) pounds.

What is Rafael Nadal's weight?

He's 85kg (190 lbs).

What is 85kg in stones and lbs?

84.5 kilograms = 13.31 stone.

Is 85kg overweight for a boy of 16?

depends on your height, muscle mass, etc.

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85 kg is equal to 187.39 lbs.

What is 85 ibs in kg?

85 lbs is equal to approximately 38.56 kg.

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Each cement block weighs 8.5kg, so two blocks would weigh 17kg.