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A Bowling enthusiast is called a "kegler."

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A bowler or Kegler.

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Q: What is the term used for a person that plays the game bowling?
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What is three consecutive strikes in the game of bowling called?

The term for three strikes in a row is called a three bager.for fun bowling a turkey.

What does the bowling term Mule ears means?

2nd strike in the game it doesn't have to be in a row

What is another term for a bowling lane?

Bowling alley.

In baseball what is the term that is used when a team plays a game and travels that same day?

One term used is 'getaway day'.

What do you call a person who plays Oboe?

An Oboe player. I don't believe there is another term for it

Is 'bowling pin' used in British English too alongside 'skittle'?

Yes. A Skittle, is another term for a bowling pin.

What is lawn bowling?

Lawn Bowling is different from the US term "bowling." In lawn bowling, players stand on a green and roll palm sized balls towards a jack or kitty rather than down a lane towards pins such as in tenpin bowling. See related links below.

What sport does the term jack high come from?

Lawn Bowling

What is it called when you knock down all the pins?

In Bowling the term used when knock down all the pins is "Strike".

What is the bowling term for 2 people bowling in the same frame?

I believe what your referring to is "Scotch Doubles" which is a system of doubles play where the two bowlers alternate shots throughout the game. The only time one of the pair ever completes a frame on his/her own is when scoring a strike.

What video game is the term roflcoper from?

Roflcoper was coined by a Blizzard moderator in WarCraft II. It was in a forum for the video game. It is supposed to be a funny term coined by the person.

What two sports use the term strike?

Baseball and bowling.