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Bowling alley.

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Q: What is another term for a bowling lane?
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How many boards are there on one bowling lane?

There are 39 boards on a bowling lane

What is put on the bowling lane to protect the surface?

Lane conditioner is applied to the surface of the bowling lane to protect the surface.

How many boards across is a bowling lane?

There are 39 boards in a standard bowling lane.

How many arrows are on a bowling lane?

> here is exactly 12 arrows in each bowling lane Actually, there are 7 arrows on a standard 10-pin bowling lane.

What is tenpin bowling played on?

It is played on a bowling lane.

Are there any wii sport cheats for bowling only?

The only one I know is the color trick and bowl on another persons lane trick. For the color hold either down,side,side,up for different colors. The bowl in another lane trick is bowling across(aim across to another lane)

What is another name for gutter in bowling?

Channel is another typical term.

How many dots are on a bowling lane?

There isn't a specific or consistent number of dots on a bowling lane. They can vary depending on the manufacturer of the lane.

What is a bowling lane?

It is the isle you roll your ball down when bowling

How is the bowling alley lane made so slippery?

Lane conditioner, which is an oil based product, is applied to the front portion of the lane to help protect the lane from the friction of the bowling ball and to create a pattern to create a challenge in bowling.

In bowling what is the length of the lane in feet?

A regulation 10-pin bowling lane is 60 feet from the foul line to the headpin.

How many people can play in one bowling lane?

The standard bowling lane accommodates six people in one game.

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