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Neutral, with the two heavy weights at the front and the two lighter weights at the back.

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Q: What is the factory setting for the adjustable R7 driver?
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What is the difference between a Taylor made r7 and r7 superquad?

If I'm honest very, very little. The r7 425 and the r7 superquad are virtually the same driver. The superquad has a black head where the r7 425 is just metallic.

Can you use a r7 wrench on a r9 driver?


Will a hole in the back side of a Taylor made R7 425 driver effect performance?


I have a r7 Quad driver made by Taylor need to know how to set to hit straight shot. Driver is set for draw shot now.?

Yellow weights in the middle and red ones on the outside sets it to nutural

What do you think is better Taylormade R9 or Taylormade R7?

Interesting question. It is hard to say, it probably comes down to personal preference. The Taylormade r7 425 has mobvable weight technology and a really nice traditional shaped head. But the r9 has movable weight technology and adjustable shaft technology. You can actually buy the shaft sleeves which means you could stick any shaft you want in your driver and change it as often as you want very easily. I do not like how the r9 has almost pointy head on it, not the greatest look I think. You can try them both and see what you think, obviously the r9 is more expensive but perhaps worth it.

Is a taylormade r7 460 driver 10.5 reax 60 stiff flex club for a man or woman?

This would be a man's club, although I'm sure a woman could use it.

Where can one purchase a Taylor Made R7 Driver?

A Taylor Made R7 driver may be purchased from the store called Dick's Sporting Goods in the United States, while there are also many online sites that sell this driver model. Overstock and eBay are two examples of these sites, but it is important to watch out for counterfeit goods when shopping through online websites. A more well known website is a better choice than a lesser known one, since they usually have guarantees or buyer insurance available, as well as refunds if the product is not as described.

Are there alternative airplane fuels?

R7 rocketfuel

What is 37 divied by 10?

3 r7.

Is the r7 superquad legal to use when the rules change?

If you mean the rule prevented a driver from having a C.O.R of more than 0.83, then yes, it is legal to use. But of course, you can't adjust the weights during a round.

What can be divided so that the answer is 25 r7?

107 / 4

What is 49 divided by 21?