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The hammer is a 16 lb. implement and is used in outdoor competitions. It is also an Olympic event. The 35 and 56 lb. weights are primarily used indoors. The 35 pound weight is currently an official indoor US Track and Field championship event. The current world record is 84' 10.25" by Lance Deal in 1995. The 56 pound weight was actually an Olympic event in 1904 and 1920. A national champion was crowned until 1959 when it was discontinued, although many meets still held the event. Bob Backus was national champion from 1953 to 1959. While a world record is no longer recognized, any throw over 45' was considered premium. My father, Al Hall, competed in four Olympic games in the hammer throw. He also participated in the weight events for over 30 years, winning 6 national championships in the 35.

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Q: What is the difference between hammer throw and weight throw in track and field?
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