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Q: What is the difference between you do and you play in sports?
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Is there a difference between kids who play sports and don't?

fit and unfit

What are the differences between Catholic and Protestant sports?

There is no difference. Catholics play the same sports and in the same manner as a Protestant.

What is the difference between play and sports?

To play is to play anything, from imaginary games to sports to videogames. Sports are many games that range from one guy against another to teams against teams.

What is the difference between cinema and play?

what is the difference between a theater play and a cinema play?

What is the difference between physical fitness and a sports?

Physical fitness is when you set a personal goal for yourself and a sport it when you play for a team

What is the difference between sports south and fox sports south?

There really is no difference except the number and whats playin.

What are the difference between swimming and land sports?


What is the difference between physical education and sports?

Sports, you have lots of them. Cricket is a sport but PE is playing sports

What is the difference between sports management and sports administration?

there really isn't any (fundamental) difference other than the name.

What is the difference between playing and doing sports?

Sport is an action that you can do it by yourself. It has it's own verb, like to swim or to run. Actually for sports, it is "doing sports" not playing. On the other hand Playing is for games, like to play football, to play tennis, that you cannot do it by yourself.

What difference sports commentary between radio and television?


The difference between sports and music?

Sports are physical activities and music is something that you just listen to

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