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Deuce is an alternative way of saying "40-all." However, as the game continues on, all tied scores are also refered to as deuce.

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Q: What is deuce at the French Open?
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What is the umpire saying when the score is 40 to 40 at the French Open?

The French word for Deuce is 'Egalite', but in French Open tennis it appears the first call of Deuce ie. the next score after 30-40 or 40-30 is 'Quarante a' or obviously '40 all'. Apologies for the lack of accents!

Why do the french say egalite and not deuce in tennis matches?

égalité is a French word, and 'deuce' isn't.

What is the French term when each players has 40 points in a game of tennis?


What actors and actresses appeared in Deuce - 2008?

The cast of Deuce - 2008 includes: Deuce Skurcenski as Deuce Lawrence Skurcenski as Deuce

What happen when both players reach deuce in tennis?

if the score is deuce, the score goes as follows: if you are serving and you win the point, it is ad- in.... if you serve and win again, you win the game. if you are serving and you lose the point, it is ad-out... if you serve and lose again, you lose the game. if it is ad-in, and you lose the point, the score goes back to deuce, until someone wins.

What is deuce 2?

Deuce 2, is when you reach deuce for the second time in the game.ex: 40-40 deuceadvantage-4040-40 deuce 2

Correct spelling deuce or duece?


What is a deuce topper?

deuce is called when 40-40 happend and who wins that game is called deuce topper

Who was the founder of the French Open?

French Aviator Roland Garros was the founder of French Open.

Did maria sharapova win the 2006 French Open?

No she never won the french open. She won Wimbledon in 2004 and the us open in 06 but never the french open.

When was The Deuce created?

The Deuce was created on 2005-10-27.

When was Double Deuce created?

Double Deuce was created in 1992.