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standard are 18-22lbs, 24-28lbs for regular player with skills, 28-35lbs for professional player, again it is depend on individual technique and style of play.

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Q: What is correct string tension of badminton racquet?
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What is repulsion and hold in a badminton racquet?

Hold means how long the shuttlecock will maintain in contact with the string surface. Repulsion is when the shuttle-cock spends minimal time on the string surface.:)

Tension in a string application?

The more tension, the more control, but less power. The less tension, the more power, but less control. Tension is measured in pounds. On your racquet it should say how many pounds are recommended. Based on your preference you may want to add or subtract pounds (usually between 1 and 5 lbs) to your string tension. Also take note that different strings have different effects and feels on your racquet.

Where can you string your tennis racquet?

You can generally string your tennis racquet at any of the following places:Specialized tennis storesTennis/Racquet clubsYour coach (coaches generally string your tennis racquets for you)Certain sporting goods storesTennis academies

What is the string tension of Roger Federer's racquet?

Roger Federer's racquet has 24 - 28 kg (50-60 lbs) recommended tension, depending on his opponent, court conditions, weather, altitude, humidity, etc. For matches, he (as well as other players) will have several racquets in his bag with varied tensions. Like racquet choice, string tension is a very personal decision. He has mentioned how on hard courts and grass courts (although opponents can cause this to vary), he prefers his string tension to be higher, which offers more control (grass and hard courts are the fastest courts).

What are the parts of a racket?

There are three parts of a tennis racquet. The part that you hold is the "grip". Above the grip is the "neck". Someone who holds their tennis racket by the neck is said to be "choking" their racquet; this is not the correct way to play. The part that you hit the ball with (and the largest part of the racquet) is called the "head". The part makes up the head is the "rim". As for a badminton racquet, I would assume that it's very similar.

Which yonex badminton racquet should an advanced offensive player buy?

No specific racquet, but here are some guidelines to follow if by offensive you mean smash hard/alot and swing hard.Stiff or very stiff shaftString tension at 25lbs or higherHead heavy rather than head lightThere are new series of racquet that came out made for higher string tensions. They may also have stiffer shafts. Not sure if it's head light or head heavy. I don't remember if it's Yonex or Black Knight, but if you check both sites, you'll find it for sure.

How is badminton different from other racquet sports?

Tennis is definitely the most popular. There are differences between all the racquet sports.

What tennis racquet tension make you hit a ball harder?

Every tennis racquet is marked by the manufacturer with the recommended range of tensions. For example most medium sized racquets can be strung from 22Kg up to 28Kg. For maximum control the higher tensions are best. For maximum power the lower tensions are best. For a good mixture of both control and power the tension should be midway - that is 25Kg in the above example. The thickness or gauge of the string will also effect the power. A racquet tension of 25Kgs with a thin (1.20) string will produce more power than a tension of 25Kgs with a thick (1.35) string. If your average shot is falling nearer the service line than the baseline then either lower the tension 1 or 2 Kgs or use a slightly thinner string to get more shot distance. However, be warned, a thinner string is not as durable as a thicker string so it may need replacing more often. If your average shot is going off the end of the court then either increase the tension on your racquet by 1 or 2 Kgs or use a thicker string (or both) to reduce the shot distance. Developing more topspin on your shots will also bring the ball down earlier - so there are many more factors than just racquet tension and string size to consider. An oversize racquet (i.e. the head is larger) will also produce more power since the central sweet spot is larger and also the strings produce more of a trampoline effect. A heavier racquet will also produce more power but you may lose a degree of control due to the difficulty of manoeuvring the extra weight. As a generalisation a keen amateur would probably play best with a medium size racquet, a string tension of around 25Kgs, a string size of around 1.25mm, a racquet weight of around 300gm and a desire to hit topspin whenever possible. However the question "What tennis racquet tension makes you hit a ball harder?" may not be as important as "Which tennis racquet set-up will help me hit more accurately?" The last thing to mention is that the size of the grip on a tennis racquet (between 4" to 5") is crucial to hitting accurately and powerfully. Always buy a racquet with a grip that your hand can go nearly all the way round (4 1/8" or 4 1/2" for most adults). A grip that is too big will produce poor tennis and cannot be reduced. Whereas a grip that is comfortable will produce better tennis and the grip size can always be increased later if necessary.

What are the fewest pieces of string that are needed to string a tennis racquet?

You actually only need one piece of string to string a racquet. The string has to be about 10m long though! it all depends on what you are looking for from the string. The most you should use though is two, one for the main strings (lengthways) and one for the crosses.

What are the importance of badminton equipment?

Badminton Racket Shuttlecock Badminton String Badminton Shoes Badminton Accessory by :marco galgana ^^

Which string suitable for yonex muscle power 99?

badminton string

What is meant by string in tension?

the force apply on string it vibrate this vibration is called tension of the string