What is an example for tennis?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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What do you mean by example? Striking the tennis ball with your racquet? Or are you asking how to show someone how to play tennis?

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Q: What is an example for tennis?
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What is an example sentence for tennis?

An example might be - Tennis is a fast-paced sport. Another example is - The tennis ball shattered the window.

Is tennis a simple subject?

Tennis is a noun; it can be used as a simple subject if you like. Here is an example: Tennis is fun.

What is the difference between court and arena for example tennis court and tennis arena?

The one difference is that an arena has a roof.

Give an example of positive transfer?

tennis vs basball

Tennis - 1st class lever order example?

your a fag

Where is the best source for the latest tennis news?

The best source for the latest tennis new is you local television program dedicated to tennis or sports in general. espn is a great example of a source of up to date tennis news.

What is a proprtional example of a three dimensional object?

a sphere (like a tennis ball)

3 example of dual game sports?

table tennis, fencing and jousting

Tactic in a sentence?

Example sentence is: I use my tactical skills when I play tennis.

What form of energy did the table tennis ball have when it was rolling?

Rolling (motion) is an example of Kinetic Energy.

What are some example of muscular endurance?

weight lifting arm Wrestling cycling tennis skiing

How are polymers used in sports?

One example is a tennis racket it is used w/ carbon fibon