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An example might be - Tennis is a fast-paced sport.

Another example is - The tennis ball shattered the window.

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Q: What is an example sentence for tennis?
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Tactic in a sentence?

Example sentence is: I use my tactical skills when I play tennis.

How do you use racket in a sentence?

Example sentence - Her tennis racket was in desperate need of restringing.

A simple sentence containing a verbal phrase?

Verbal phrase is a verbal with all its modifiers, but short of a subject. For example, in a sentence, "PLAYING TENNIS is a hobby among youth", 'playing tennis' is a verbal phrase.

How do you spell risk in a sentence?

You spelled it correctly. Example Sentence: The 16 year old boy will risk everything to be tennis King of the world!

Should tennis be capitalized in the middle of a sentence?

It is capitalized when it forms part of the proper noun. Example: Mario wants to watch the 2013 Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

What is the subject in the sentence tennis can be an exhausting sport.?


What is the subject in the sentence tennis can be an exhausting sport?


What is a sentence using courts?

Tennis is played on tennis courts

What is an example for tennis?

What do you mean by example? Striking the tennis ball with your racquet? Or are you asking how to show someone how to play tennis?

What is an example sentence with court?

I have to appear in court tomorrow. The tennis court is too wet to play.

What is the meaning of example sentence?

An example sentence is a sentence written to show usage of a particular word or phrase. This sentence is an example of an example sentence!

Is tennis a simple subject?

Tennis is a noun; it can be used as a simple subject if you like. Here is an example: Tennis is fun.

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