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In My Opinion, It's OK. They Do Make Fair Golf Balls And Clubs.

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Q: Is the maxfli golf brand a good golf brand.What would you rank it out of 100?
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Is the maxfli golf brand a good golf brand?

no. maxfli is an average to lower end golf brand. maxfli does not produce equipment or balls good enough for professional players. it is a beginner brand.

Who owns Maxfli golf?

Dick's Sporting Goods bought the Maxfli brand from TaylorMade Adidas in 2008.

Who makes maxfli golf clubs?

Maxfli operates under the parent company of Taylormade Adidas Golf.

Who makes noodle golf balls?


What is the lowest compression golf ball available?

In Maxfli golf balls, Maxfli 2002 has the lowest compression of 80. Great performances were delivered because of this.

How many dimples on a maxfli noodle golf ball?


Does the maxfli rev 3 golf bag have a stand?

Yes; this bag does have a stand.

Is wilson a good golf ball brand?

Yes, they are decent enough, they would be an intermediate brand.

Which is the best brand of golf kit?

Taylormade is a good brand of golf kits.

Can a new golf ball go bad depending of storage?

I do not think so. The older wound balls seemed to go bad, expecially the old Maxfli. Put the Maxfli on the dash board of you car in the summer time, come back after a round and it looked like an egg.

What is the best brand of golf balls?

The main brands would be Titleist, Callaway, Srixon and Taylormade.

What brand of golf balls goes the farthest?

Callaway Hot Brand

Which brand has ladies wide golf shoes?

Adidas Golf AD Comfort II Golf Shoes

Who invented ping the golf brand?

Karsten Solheim, is the founder of Ping golf.

What is footloy?

Footloy is a brand of golf equipment.

Is knight golf clubs a good brand?


What brand of golf clubs has won the most major golf championships?

Wilson Staff

What is the most expensive brand for golf balls?

I think the most expensive and best brand for a golf ball is titleist. It is sold about €35 every dozen

What is the top selling brand golf ball?


Which brand is the most comfortable footwear for golf player?

Callaway provides good golf footwear.

Which brand of golf clubs is most used by golf pros?

Taylormade has many many tour players. The otheres would include Titleist, Callaway, Ping, Nickent, Cobra.

What is the right engine oil for a 2002 vw golf?

Use your choice of brand ;5W30 would be a good choice of weight.

How can I replicate a golf club swinging machine for school I want to test which brand of golf ball flies the farthest?

An Iron Byron but its expensive I would recommend u dont try

What brand golf shoes does tiger woods wear?


What brand of golf club did Jack Nicklaus play?