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the average time for a 13-14 year old boy to run the 100 meter is about 15 seconds if you are athletic 20 seconds for a non athletic boy

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A time of under 14 seconds is decent, 13 is very good, under 12.5 means you are a proper sprinter and sub 12 is nationals standard.

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Probably around 12-13 seconds.

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Q: What is a good 100m time for u13 boys?
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Who is the faster U13 100m in the world?

the fastest under 13 100m dash was by Nick Catlow in 2010 11.3

What is your time for 100m girls u14?

My daughter for 11.86 seconds at her sports day, but she is only U13 so I'm not sure if that's accurate or not.

What is a good 400m time for u13 boy?

i am 13 and i got 57 for 400m

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What is the standard distance between bases for softball U13?

60 feet

Is george duggan the best U13 runner in the UK?

no.... you are way better than him

Can you get a Free PDF workshop manual for Nissan u13? That's the factory manual for Nissan U13 Altima. I love these cars. Open fwd.pdf, that's the main page that opens all the pdfs as 1.

How many players on a youth U13 or U14 soccer team?

14 and any age under.

How big is a soccer field for boys age u13?

11 players start on the field, but u have subs as well, 11 players start on the field, but u have subs as well,