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They give up strokes on the easiest holes, that is, the hole ranked the highest i.e 18, then 17, then 16 on the handicap or stroke index.

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Q: What hole does a plus handicap give up a stroke?
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If in a stableford friendly match all players decide to play off three-quarters their handicap is three-quarters of scratch still scratch or plus one?

Your stroke allowance will still be 0 as three quarters of nothing is nothing.If your handicap was plus 1 then three quarters would be plus 1 and you would give one shot at the hole that is stroke index 18.

How do you score a plus handicap golfers scorecard?

If a player has a plus 2 handicap say, you calculate their gross score and then add their handicap to it, instead of taking it away. Points wise, they will get no shots, but the difference is to get two points on the stroke index holes 1 and 2 they will need to make birdie, a birdie effectively becomes par on these holes.

Which is better a plus 2 handicap or a minus 2 handicap?

This is where someones handicap is less than 0. When you have your gross score you actually add your handicap on to calculate your nett score.

You have been told that professional golfers sometimes play off a plus handicap is this true?

Professional golfers don`t use handicaps as such because they do not give each other strokes. However, you can have a plus handicap and I`m sure tour pros would be +2 to +5 or so

What was Luke Donald's handicap when he as 16?

plus 4

What percentage of golfers have a plus handicap?

One in two thousand or 0.05%.

What is the Single handicap in golf?

It refers to a player who has a handicap of 1-9, a player who plays of 0 is known as scratch and a player who plays of + would be known as a plus handicapper.

What is three quarters handicap of a plus 4 golfer?

Three quarters of four is one.

How would you calculate a handicap for a two person scramble?

Although scrambles are not recognized as "formal" competitive rounds by the USGA, they have become extremely popular. The fairest method I have utilized is 35% of the lowest player's handicap plus 15% of the highest player's handicap.

How is a scratch game scored?

The same as you score any game of bowling. A scratch game means no handicap is involved. Your total for a scratch game is the same as your score for the actual game you bowled. Your total for a handicap game is the actual score you bowled plus your handicap.

What are the handicap requirements of toilet paper in a handicap stall?

There really aren't any requirements. The only requirement is that the stall has to have a wider area, plus a wider door so a wheelchair can fit through the opening.

Can a turtle have stroke?

Most likey no and plus what kinda question is that?