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you can wear any tight! shorts, t shirt....

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leggings and a t shirt

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Q: What do you wear under a gymnastic leotard if you're a boy?
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Is ok to wear a gymnastic leotard for dance?

NO!! In dance you usually have to wear a black leotard or what is assigned.

Does a gymnastic competitive team level 3 4 5 and 6 have to wear the same leotard in competition?

yes unless the gym has changes their leotard

Should i wear knickers under my leotard?

Yes, absolutely you should !

What does a boys gymnastic leotard look like with out shorts?

Little boys tend to wear nylon lycra or cotton shorts or lycra cycle shorts over top their leotards. However at 4 years old there is no reason why he couldn't wear the leotard on its own. However my little boy finds it more comfortable to wear a zone lycra leotard with no undies underneath and then lycra shorts over the top to hide any embarasing wedgies from his leotard ... A boys leotard is just like a looks just like a girls leotard. The only difference is that it is lower cut on the leg.

What is worn under a leotard?

You usually wear tights under a leotard, but sometimes you might need to wear a bra... Usually warm-ups (including shirts, sweatshirts, pants, wool tights, jumpsuits, and sweaters) are worn on the outside of the leotard. You are not supposed to wear underwear under your leotard because it looks amateurish and not very neat, but some and/or most little ballet dancer (4-6 years old) wear underwear. They usually grow out of this habit, though. (:

Do you wear a leotard to practice?

In ballet and in gymnastics it was required when i took them to wear a leotard.

Can man wear leotard?

Of course a man can wear a leotard! They are very comfortable and great for exercise or just kicking around the house. I'm guy (straight) who wears a leotard nearly every time go out walking. sometimes i wear a tee-shirt over it but often i wear it openly. Some folks give me a funny look but mostly they are completely relaxed about it. i sometimes wear a leotard on its own which does surprise people but even so i have never had a negative comment. If the weather is cool i wear tights under the leotard and i have had several comment about how good they look!

Is it ok to wear a dance leotard to gymnastics?

Yes, I am Comfortable wearing gymnastic leotards. and first We understand how important it is to feel comfortable in your leotard while also allowing for that clothing to be durable and long-lasting. We utilize the highest quality custom fabrics and innovative production techniques such as crystal rhinestones, sublimated prints, and zig-zag construction. We also specialize in unique ombre sublimated leotards.

Are you allowed to wear a costume leotard to ballet class?

well no just a leotard

Do you wear any under shirt inside your gymnastics leotard?

No but you could wear bras and underwear, some girls at my gym wear t-shirts over their leos.

Do you have to wear a leotard for a gymnastic competicion?

Usually, yes. Most of the time, the gymnastics teams at the competitions have matching team leotards. Leotards are also the ideal clothing to wear while doing gymnastics, since it is easier to manuver in and it isn't loose like other clothing.

Can you wear skins in the water?

You can wear skins in water, but if you are a female just wear a leotard and if you are a man just go and get a man leotard and normal tights, they work the same! Cheaper