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Q: What country dominated the Summer Olympic C hampionship in pole vaulting from 1896-1968?
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What country dominated the summer olympic champ in pole vaulting from 1896-1968?


Which olympic sport requires a planting box?

Pole Vaulting

What country has the most olympic gold metals for badminton?

china has dominated the badminton olympic table for the longest time.

What country dominated Olympic pole vaults 1896-1968?

Peyton Adams

Is table tennis a Summer Olympic sport?

Yes, table tennis has been a Summer Olympic sport since 1988. It was introduced during the Seoul Olympics and is dominated by Asian countries.

Which rope game was an Olympic sport in the 1900s?

Tug of War was a Olympic sport from 1900 to 1920.Great Britain dominated the event winning 5 medals (2 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze).

When did women's gymnastics become an Olympic sport?

Women's pole vault debuted at the 2000 Games in Sydney.

What does No Mark mean in Olympic sports?

It does mean that the competitor does not have any result. This happens if you do not clear your beginning height at a jumping competition for example (pole vaulting: three times in a row unsuccessful or abortive attempt at your very first height)

When did they start using the new style of horse during the Olympic gymnastic events?

The vault was changed from the long cylindrical apparatus to a vaulting table in 2001. So the first Olypics it was used in would have been the 2004 Athens Olympics Games.

How long has the pole vault competition been in existence?

Pole vaulting is a sport with a very long history. It has been a sport since the mid-1800's when it was first recognized as a competitive sport. It has been an Olympic medal event since the late 1800's for men thought it wasn't recognized as a woman's sport in the Olympic's until the year 2000.

How long is a pole used in pole vaulting in feet?

I am a pole vaulter and i use a 12 foot pole but it can range from 9 to in the Olympic some times 18

Is pole vault a throwing sport?

Yes they do! They own their own poles so they have to ship them to the Olympic stadium.