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The names of consecutive strikes are as follows:

  1. Jim J. Bullock
  2. Double
  3. Turkey
  4. Hambone
  5. Brat
  6. Bratburger
  7. Ham-Turkey Dinner
  8. LBP
  9. Gordie Howe
  10. Front/Middle/Back 10
  11. One Day From Retirement
  12. 300
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Q: What comes after 3 strikes in bowling?
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What comes before turkey in bowling?

A double (2 strikes in a row) comes before a turkey (3 strikes in a row).

What do you call 3 consecuti ve strikes in bowling?

a turkey or a 3 bagger.

Why does it call turkey when you get 3 strikes?

In Thanksgiving or cristmas if you get three strikes in bowling ball you get a live turkey

How do you score a turkey?

In bowling, when you score a turkey, you get 3 strikes in a row. If you get a game of complete strikes, it is a perfect score.

How many strikes does it take to get a 300?

It takes 12 Strikes to get a 300 in 10 Pin Bowling. There is 10 frames but on the last frame you are able to get 3 strikes

What sport uses a ball to get strikes and spares?

The sport of bowling.

What sport has strikes?

Baseball & Bowling

What is a 300 in bowling?

A 300 in bowling is a perfect game, with 12 strikes in a row.

What is three consecutive strikes in the game of bowling called?

The term for three strikes in a row is called a three bager.for fun bowling a turkey.

How many rounds in one bowling game?

10 frames in a bowling game, 10th frame can have up to 2 extra balls. For example 3 strikes in the 10th frame. 12 strikes in a game = 300 = perfect game.

A bagger in bowling is what?

2 strikes in a row

What is five consecutive strikes in bowling called?

It is now called Yahtzee!5 consecutive strikes in bowling is called a 5-bagger.There are no special names for strikes other than hambone/double for two consecutive strikes, turkey for three consecutive strikes, and clover for four consecutive strikes. Anything after that is call a "x bagger." X = the number of consecutive strikes thrown. For example. If you threw seven strikes in a row, it would called a seven bagger.5 baggerIn bowling if a person were to get 3 strikes in a row, at anytime in a game, that's called a " Turkey ". 5 strikes in row is called a " Goose " , 10 in a row is a "swan" and ,12 in row is of course a " perfect game ".