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For the average amateur golfer, the standard complement of clubs is:


3 Wood

5 Wood

3 Iron or Hybrid

4 Iron or Hybrid

5 Iron or Hybrid

6 Iron

7 Iron

8 Iron

9 Iron

Pitching Wedge

Sand Wedge

Lob Wedge


However, the is no "standard" set, and you may find that a Gap Wedge is more useful than a Lob Wedge (Gap is between PW and SW).

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Q: What clubs is recommened to carry in the 14 allowed?
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How many golf clubs does the average golfer need?

You are permitted to carry 14 clubs in your bag, including your putter. Most golfers carry the allowed 14.

What is the maximum number of golf clubs that can be used during a round of golf?

14 and that does include the putter. also watch out for those chippers with a face on both sides, it may be considered two clubs. Dual sided clubs are not allowed in PGA or USGA sanctioned events.

How many golf clubs in your bag for a tournament?

Up to fourteen. Rule 4.4 of the Rules of Golf allow up to 14 total clubs for a round. As long as they are legal clubs, you can carry all putters if you wish. Check your specific tournament rules for any exceptions.

Can you carry two of the same golf clubs in your bag?

Yes. As long as you don't have more than 14 total

How many clubs is allowed to be played in a players bag?

You are allowed 14 clubs according to the USGA

How many golf drivers are allowed in a golf bag?

You are allowed to carry 14 clubs, therefore, if you wanted you could carry 14 drivers. one may recall Phil mickelson using 2 drivers in the masters a couple years ago.

Can a pool cue be part of the 14 clubs allowed in a golf bag?

The Rules of Golf have strict definitions of what does and doesn't count as a golf club. A pool cue doesn't have a face, therefore it doesn't count as a golf club. You should be allowed to carry it in your bag without it counting as one of your 14 clubs, but you wouldn't be allowed to use it for golf.

What clubs may a PGA player have i n his bag?

The maximum is 14 clubs, all pros usually carry 14.

Number of golf clubs allowed in bag?

The rules of the USGA specify no more than 14. You can carry fewer, but not more than 14. Also, clubs can not have moveable heads or flexible grips.

Can you carry more than 14 clubs by declaring at the beginning that you will not use a specified club?

No, 14 clubs means 14 clubs. If you have 15 clubs in your bag you will be penalised 2 shots per hole (maximum of 4 strokes). If you do have 15 clubs, get rid of one of them before you begin you're round.

Up to how many clubs are you permitted to carry in your golf bag?

The USGA Rules and Regulations impose a 14-club limit for all sanctioned events. Local events may have differing regulations that should be stated clearly prior to the beginning of the event. Ethan Adams, Assistant Golf Professional Hodge Park Golf Course, Kansas City, MO

Can you carry 15 clubs as long as you declare?

No if you are playing in a tournament you can have no more than 14 clubs no matter what. If you are playing for fun you can play with 15 clubs if you want.