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Q: What clubs do french schools have?
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What is a competition between schools?

Sports teams, math clubs, chess clubs, science clubs, spelling bees, and overall scholastic achievement are some examples of areas of competition between schools.

How do you write afterschool clubs in french?

After school clubs Après les clubs scolaires

Where can you find a rectangular trampoline like they used in schools?

If You Are Referring To The Ones Used In Clubs And Schools The Best Website In My Opinion Is The Trampolines Used In Schools And Clubs Are Extremely Expensive!

Should schools have school clubs?

schools dont HAVE to have clubs, but most people tend to go for schools that have clubs because it gives you a wide range of things to do and you can find out what you like and sometimes can make you into a better person, and make you happier. It is also good for your social life as you make friends and it will give you the chance to be big and you will feel like you are some body

Is there a football club that sells footballs?

yes french clubs and English clubs example :psg (french) and arsenal(English)

Who started tesco sports for schools and clubs?

Tescos did.

Are there glee clubs in North Carolina?

Glee clubs are in most high schools. Find out if there is one in yours!!!

How many High Schools across the country have Glee Clubs?

Over 60 Glee Clubs in Canada

Where are clubs for teens?

Clubs for teens can often be found through schools, churches, libraries, gyms, and rec centers.

What are the release dates for Eco Company - 2009 Schools and Clubs 2-13?

Eco Company - 2009 Schools and Clubs 2-13 was released on: USA: 6 December 2010

What do french schools look like?

Like french schools.

What happens at French schools?

In french Schools they have to talk in french for every subject except for English