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Q: What are the vanes made of on the burdie in badminton?
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What are the vanes used to be made of them in badminton?

The base is made of cork.

What did the vanes of a shuttlecock used to be made of?


Vanes used to be made of them?

Feathers were commonly used for making vanes in the past. Feathers were lightweight, flexible, and effective at stabilizing arrows in flight. However, modern vanes are usually made of more durable materials like plastic or synthetic materials.

When was badminton made?

it was made in the 1800s

What are badminton rackets made off?

it really depends on who its made from...nano graphite titanium magnesium those are some of the things that badminton rackets are made from

The vanes in curtis turbine are made of what metal?

Probably stainless steel alloy...

Where was badminton the game made?

I think it comes from Badminton House, the home of the Dukes of Beaufort, Gloucestershire.

How many vanes are in a body?

There are a lot of vanes in a human body. Everywhere you look on your body there probably will be vanes

What are different types of vanes used in centrifugal pump?

there are three major types vanes are used for a centrifugal pumps those are 1.forward curved vanes 2.backward curved vanes 3.flat vanes

What is the weather vane collective noun?

There is no standard collective noun for weather vanes, most likely because weather vanes are seldom found in groups.However, a place that sells weather vanes might have a display of weather vanes or someone who loves all types of weather vanes might have a collection of weather vanes.

What year was badminton made a sport?

Jame created Badminton in 1976. It was brought over to the U.S. by Great Britian.

Who made the name badminton?

it's because the sport officialy started in a stately home in the town of badminton, England