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well.... if you are competing,,,

1. present, if you dont know how to, ask your coach

2. give a cheesey grin and smile when you present

3. remember to 'touchdown'

4.when you've finished wait 3 seconds before presenting again

(remember to wear white socks/trampolining shoes!!

if you have any queries just e-mail me on!!!

In trampolining competitions there is typically a set routine where you have to do a series of prescibed moves and a voluntary routine where you decide the moves yourself. In this routine you are marked on form (how well you execute the moves) but also on difficulty. So when you have to choose between doing your hardest moves and risking poor form or even a fall and choosing moved you are more confident with but which will score less for difficulty. That is a tactical decision.

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Q: What are the rules of trampolining?
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