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Yes, trampolining is a real sport. It is one of the many sports in the Olympics.

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Q: Is trampolining a real sport
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Related questions

Is trampolining a sport?

Trampolining is of course a sport, you can do competitions and train in it.

Is trampolining a Olymipic sport?

Trampolinig is not a Olypic sport because I watch the olympic everytime it happens and there was no "trampolining"

Was there a sport that was not considered a sport before?


When did trampolining become an Olympic sport?

Trampolining became an Olympic sport during the 2000 summer games in Sydney, Australia.

Is trampolining an olypic sport?

Yes, Trampolining is an Olympic sport, occurring in the summer games, held every 4 years.

Is trampolining an olympic sport?

Yes, Trampolining is an Olympic sport, occurring in the summer games, held every 4 years.

Which sport do you do a fliffus?


Is trampolining a team sport?


Is trampolining in the commonwealth games 2014?

No, Trampolining was not a sport contested at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Which sport has a move called a miller?


When was trampolining introduced into the Olympics games?

Trampolining has been a medal sport in the Olympics since the 2000 Games in Sydney

When did trampolining become a Olympic sport?

The 2000 Sydney Olympics.

In what sport ia a trampoline used?

Trampolining is used in the following sports:TrampoliningGymnastics (but not the Olympic sport; mainly just training)

What sport was a medal event for the first time at the 2000 Olympics?


What sport are triffus miller and Rudolf moves?

Those terms are used in trampolining

What bouncing sport features kabooms and swivel hip seat drops?


What are the rules for trampolining in the Olympics?

bounce real good

What sport was a medal event for the first time at the 2000 Olympic Games?


In what sport do you use flexion?

snowboarding,weight lifting, trampolining tuck position, shot put

In which sport would you perform a Randolph?

Randolphs and rudolphs are trampolining moves but I wouldn't recognise either if I saw them.

How do you play the sport trampolining?

you simply do the best tricks you can (competing against a friend of course) on your trampoline and see who wins.

How do you spell trampolining?

You just did. Trampolining .

Components of fitness trampolining?

components of fitness for trampolining

Is curling a real sport?

No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is not a real sport

Is rounders a real sport?

Yep it is a real sport