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tennis racket, tennis balls, a court, and you of course Frame

Racquet head


The grip

The ball

Shoes and socks


Shorts and skirts


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The basic equipment needed to play squash are -

- Athletic clothing, e.g. shorts, t-shirt, track suit, etc.

- Indoor Court Shoes

- Squash Racket

- Eye Protection

- Squash Ball

You are now ready to play squash!

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A croquet set contains various important equipments that are needed to play croquet game like mallets, balls, winning peg, boxes etc. It's equipments are totally depend on the type of croquet game you are going to play.

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A court, a ball, and a raquet (with strings)

More advanced tennis players have special shoes and stuff that aren't too necessary

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Q: What are the equipments needed for tennis?
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