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A local tennis court, comfortaly fitting clothes, a tennis racquet, tennis shoes (running shoes can scuff up the court and are not aloud at most clubs), tennis balls, and some one to play with/ball machine.

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Q: What are all the equipments need to play tennis?
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What are the needs of tennis?

To play tennis, basically all you need is a racket your size, tennis balls, tennis court shoes and tennis balls. Very Simple.

What all do you need to play tennis?

A local tennis court, comfortaly fitting clothes, a tennis racquet, tennis shoes (running shoes can scuff up the court and are not aloud at most clubs), tennis balls, and some one to play with/ball machine.

Who plays tennis?

Millions of people play tennis. From high school tennis teams to professional tennis tournaments such as Wimbledon, people all over the world play tennis.

Equipment for tennis?

All you need is: Tennis balls (one or more - usually 3 is good) A Tennis Racket A Tennis court (with proper measures, marks and net) A partner - or 3 if you want to play doubles :)

What are the equipments in basketball?

The equipment in basketball is simple. All you need is a pair of shorts, a playing shirt, basketball sneakers and a basketball. You will also need to find a basketball court to play on.

Which of the following is not a racquet sports volleyball table tennis squash or badminton?

all need rackets to play

What is tennis equipment?

all you really need to play a tennis match is a requet and 2 tennis balls. but you most likely want tennis clothes, tennis shoes (shoes made for playing tennis, NOT running shoes, they mess up the courts), extra grip tape, and other supplies

What Medical equipment does Spain import?

Spain most often imports all the equipments from the foreign exporters. They usually need the upgraded equipments only.

What are the tennis hands?

If you play lots of tennis you will tend to get calluses all over the palms of your hands.

Give all different laboratory equipments and their uses?

This question need an entire book !

Why can't you play tennis in Wii sports resort?

Because all of the balls on the tennis court were stolen. (It's not in the game any more.) You can play table tennis though.

Which are the countries in which tennis is played?

Tennis is played almost all around the world. You'd have to look at it from the perspective of which countries do not play tennis.

In which country does tennis play?

almost all of them. it just depends how good they are that makes tennis stand out in a country

Where is the best place to play a game of tennis with your friends?

Your local park is the best place. You don't need to go to any fancy club, and all of your friends and you will have free access to the park to play a game of tennis. Most parks have a tennis court, so find the closest one and meet there.

What are the footwork of tennis?

Keep your feet moving. at all time when you play

How many people play tennis?

over 1 million people play tennis In the U.S they recorded 25 million people play tennis in the U.S alone and all together there are 144 member nations. To know how many people play tennis is next to impossible as not every tennis player is recorded to their club so they cannot retrieve efficiant information from them.

What role does operations management play in producing goods and services?

To coordinate the activities of all the factors of production namely:labour,land,capital,technology,and equipments. To coordinate the activities of all the factors of production namely:labour,land,capital,technology,and equipments.

Does Serena Williams play all tennis doubles with her sister Venus Williams?


How do you beat Billie Jean King at Stick Tennis?

A collection of all the bad app reviews for Stick Tennis on Google Play.

Where can one find information on the scoring system in tennis?

One can find information on all things tennis related on a website called Tennis Tips. One can also watch tennis games where the host will give a play by play on what is happening as well as the scoring so one can follow along and understand tennis.

How does one enter a table tennis tournament?

Table tennis tournaments are available to all levels of skill from those just learning to play all through to professional players. The easiest way to enter is to join a local table tennis club and play in their own in-house tournaments.

When do china people play table tennis?

all day silly thats why there pro

Who are two sisters that play tennis show all?

Venus Williams and Serena Williams.

How do you buy heavy equipment?

It's tough to get all the heavy equipments at one place. However, I managed to have a look at a website where almost all the heavy equipments where listed. We can contact the suppliers of the heavy equipments through this website and buy them. You got what I mean? All the heavy equipments in one place!

What grades do you need to be a tennis player?

It depends how good of a tennis player you are. If you are the absolute best tennis player in your country, win the top junior events and plan to join the ATP tour straight out of high school (Roger Federer), you don't need much in the way of grades at all. Tennis is your life, not school. If you are one of the best tennis players in your state, win or do well in a lot of top junior events and plan to play college tennis (and maybe play pro later; James Blake), you're going to need some pretty decent grades. For a college to give you an athletic scholarship to play tennis, you're going to need something in the ballpark of a 3.0 GPA, more or less depending on your tennis ability and the colleges you apply to. Remember, however, that there are millions of junior tennis players. There are only thousands of college tennis positions, and hundreds of people on the pro tour. Don't assume that you'll get into either; no matter how important tennis is to you, have a backup plan - something you're interested in academically. Due to their athleticism and love for sports, many tennis players go into physical therapy or sports training degrees in college, letting them continue to be close to tennis even if they don't get to play professionally.