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i think that 2 of the types are:

# use 1 leg to push you of the ground- the strongest leg # Put the knee that is on the other leg into the air # keep your arms straight

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Q: What are the 4 types of techniques for doing a high jump?
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What should a high jump athlete concentrate on?

A high jump athlete should focus on a height they they are comfortable with at first. A beginning high jumper will not have learned the proper jumping techniques, and as they practice and learn, their high jump heights will rise.

What are the 3 techniques used in high jump?

hello this is pual jhon and i live in Engladns

What are the two jumping techniques for high j?

the frobsy flop and the sizzor kick.

What are three types of High Jumps?

Three type of high jump are straddle, scissors, and THE FOSBURY FLOP.

What are the two types of styles in high jump?

flosbury,scissors,western and i dont know any more

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what is the high at on a high school high jump? boys Girls

What techniques make a good pole vault jump?


What are the names of serves in volleyball?

FLOATER-- A serve you hit with a flat hand, making the ball not move while moving, it "floats" TOP SPIN-- Hit the top of the ball and snap your wrist to make it spin in the air There are also jump floats and jump serves...jump floats are serves that aren't tossed as high..doing your approach while have the ball in your opposite hand and doing a jump Jump serves---toss the ball high with your opposite hand and do an approach similar to spiking the ball.

What methods and techniques do athletes who participate in long jump use to help them jump farther?

Popular techniques include, the sail, the hang and the hitch-kick (one-and-a-half and two-and-a-half)

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