What are tennis seeds?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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A seed is placed in a particular place in the draw. The first seed is always on top, the first on the list, and the second seed on the bottom of the list. seeds are determined by your ranking. so you could be ranked 1,000 out of 10,000 people but still be the first seed if you are have the highest rank in that tournament. the other seeds after 2 can be placed anywhere else and usually dont have to play another seed in the first round.

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Q: What are tennis seeds?
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If there are 23 tennis players how many seeds and byes would there be?

You will use a 32-player-draw for 23 tennis players, so you will have 9 byes (32-23=9). There should be 1 seed for every 3 unseeded players for a 32-player-draw, so 23/(1+3)=5.75 and then = 6 seeds. You can use the same way to find out the number of seeds for a 16-player-draw. If you use a 64-players-draw, you have to divided by 8, which means 1 seed for every 7 unseeded players.

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