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you stand ove the ball

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Q: What are mini putt golf cheat codes?
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Where is the putt putt mini golf course in Happy Gilmore located?


Is it mini golfing or miniature golfing?

in is a person thing mini golf is the term used for the action of playing putt-putt of somrthing of that nature

What is mini golf?

Mini golf is also known as "Putt-Putt" It is very fun especially for young kids (between the ages of 3-12) but also for many adults. The Putt-Putt golf courses are very creative. Some have live aligators, windmills, and much more.

How do you say mini golf or just golf in french?

How do you say mini gold or just gold in french? Edit: We would say exactly the same, but in Québec we would also say " mini putt" for mini golf.

What are some ideas for a date for a 15 year old?

bowling, movies, putt putt, skating. etc dinner, mini golf, amusment parks,waterslides,

What Golf course at Walt Disney World has two courses with a different season for both of them?

Winter Summerland. It is actually mini golf (putt putt). They have a summer course and a winter course (and a loop-de-loop!)

When was Mini-Putt created?

Mini-Putt was created in 1987.

When did Mini-Putt happen?

Mini-Putt happened in 1987.

Is putt-putt copyright?

Putt Putt is a registered trademark for a miniature golf franchise headquartered in North Carolina. The miniature golf holes used in the construction of a golf course are copyrighted designed. Because Putt Putt is a registered trademark, the name Putt Putt can not be used by others for the amusement park or miniature golf business.

How many holes does a putt putt have?

It depends on what you mean by a golf game. If you are referring to the PGA, then it's 72, since the game isn't over until the 72nd hole. The previous 4 "games" are called "rounds". If it's a Sunday afternoon on the course with the boys/girls, then it's probably 18 holes. Especially if there is alcohol involved.

How can I find Mini Putt 4 hire?

Mini Putt 4 hire is a family based Australian owned business. Mini Putt 4 Hire mobilises the game of mini golf, bringing the fun to you. We deliver to you 9 holes of quality putting greens complete with obstacles and props. You are also provided with putters, balls, pencils and scorecards to enjoy numerous rounds of mini golf at your place, venue, fete, event etc. Mini putt 4 Hire can be enjoyed by young toddlers through to our more senior citizens and can also provide a rare opportunity for wheelchair mini putt. If your looking for something fresh and exciting to provide entertainment for your next party that can include everyone, give us a call on 0400 237 862. You can also visit us on Alterately call 0400 237 862

What kind of a game is Mini Putt 3?

Mini Putt 3 is an online variation on miniature golf that features both a more traditional course and one loosely based on the Jurassic Park movies. Up to 4 players may play and they have a choice of ball colors.