Tennis serve bounce

Updated: 9/28/2023
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for strategy, think, and it is there preference

There is no documentation as who was the first person to do this and give example but it has to be done after the latest changes in the ball. The first balls before the 1800 century were of leather containing lime. This custom is not from the begginings of the games stablished in France since the 13th century. It has to come from the days of the last change the tennis ball had since the sport was stablished. As to why Is more logical to think that tennis players have followed the example of an outstanding player but we have no way on documenting this.

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You bounce the serve diagonal from you once into the box.

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Q: Tennis serve bounce
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It is legal to return a serve without letting the ball bounce in tennis?

You have to let the ball bounce in the service box before returning the serve.

How high must your serve be in table-tennis?

Tall enough to bounce on your side of the table, clear the net and then bounce of the opponent's side of the table.

Is there any serve in tennis that never bounce?

yes in 1999 was a match between Alexander ochins and john peperinks it was raining and when Alexander ochins served the ball didn't bounce that's all

What are the calls violation in table tennis?

if it doesn't bounce when someone hits it, and then you hit. then they get the point. when it bounces and goes off the side, then they get the point. :)

What does top spin serve means?

A topspin serve in tennis is a type of serve where the player imparts topspin on the ball by brushing upward on the back of the ball at impact. This causes the ball to drop and bounce higher upon landing, making it more challenging for the opponent to return with pace and accuracy. Players use topspin serves to control the placement of the ball and generate more bounce.

What is the top spin serve?

A topspin serve in tennis is a serve where the player imparts forward spin on the ball, causing it to rotate forward as it travels over the net. This causes the ball to drop quickly and bounce higher when it lands, making it harder for the opponent to return. It is an effective serve for generating power and control.

Is an overhead serve allowed in table tennis?

Yes as long as you do not touch any part of the net while the point is being played. simple :)

What is baminton?

Badminton is a game kind of like tennis, except the rackets are not as wide and a LOT lighter. Also, instead of tennis balls that bounce, you use shuttles. The rules are if the ball bounces even once inside the court, the person who hit the ball gets a point. Also, you don't serve the ball like in tennis.

Is the underarm serve rejected in tennis?

You can hit an underhand serve in tennis; however, the overhand serve is more effective because it is more powerful. That is why you don't see the underhand serve used much.

How do you return a tennis serve?


What happens at the start of tennis?

a serve

What are the regulations for tennis?

tennis regulations include but are not limited to: foot faults - you cant step over the line before you serve the ball you cant touch the net until the point is over the ball cant bounce twice before you hit it no distracting the player during the point(yelling, etc)