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Michel phelps smokes weed

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Q: Problems with famous sports stars today?
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What men's magazine informs me about sports?

The most popular men's magazine today is Sports Illustrated which provides news, stats and interviews with today's top sports stars. Sports Illustrated is published once a week and offers subscription to its readers.

Why are sports famous in St Andrews Scotland?

St Andrews is famous for Golf. It's one of the oldest Golf Courses in the world and is considered to be the centre of international Golf today.

What is Chuck Lidell famous for?

Chuck Lidell is a former Ultimate Fighting Championship Light Heavyweight Champion who is one of the talented fighters who is famous for mixed martial arts becoming an integral part of sports today.

How many sports are there today?

depends on what people call sports

How are today's sports similar to Roman sports?

they are not similar at all

What are some sports held in such arenas today?

Some sports that is held in such arenas today are is ice hockey and skating

What are facts about Hollywood?

Well Hollywood for one fact is home to many famous stars and it is very beutiful with its great shoping centers to the ,ost fabulous beaches. Hollywood is were many famous stars get there big break and many shows that we watvh today come from Hollywood studios. It is very beautiful and exciting .

Is the Roman colosseum know as the sports arena?

No it was not. The Colosseum was an amphitheatre. The seating of a theatre was a semi-circle. The seating of an amphitheatre was a full circle or an oval. Basically, an amphitheatre was an arena.

What sports are popular today?

The most popular of today is soccer.

What sports were played in 1968?

All the same sports that are played today.

Does Oklahoma State play football today?

Yes, they do. There playing today

Is mendelevium formed in stars?

Up today mendelevium was not identified in stars.